Sunday, May 25, 2014

Our lovely sunday!

Today was just a normal family day nothing special, but because of our rear sunny weather here in Finland its nice to go out and enjoy it whenever its a bit sunny! 

We had a great day and Liam enjoyed the beach alot! We ended up living with him crying wanting to stay more longer ;) 

He started with his swimming diaper.....

Tried the water and loved it! ( i thought it was a bit chilly but he didnt wanna live and since lots of kids were swimming he wanted to swim as well...)

Then he was all changed and dried up but he cried alot so daddy took him back! Daddys boy  hahah

Well he got all wet again... But he loved it so what!

Icecream anybody? Loved the mascarpone with lime icecream. I found my new flavour ...;)

Liam running as usual!

Then went home and had a great grilled chicken tanduri.. Nammm 

I had a gread sunday! I hope u did too!  

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