Friday, May 23, 2014

Im back!

Hey dears! My school is soon ending and after a long period of time since i last posted my blogs post, im finally getting time to do post thing on my blog!

So quick story/ catching up on my last year!

27.5. 13 - had my baby boy Liam Alexander Ilmari 

Then his naming ceremony

Then my cousin brother got his first baby girl Mila

After couple of months my older sister got her baby girl Sara Susan 

Mum came to see her second grandchild in Finland

Liams first birthday

Mamas birthday out

My younger sister got a baby boy Abdallah

Saras naming ceremony

Then here we are... Things have been happening alot for me and especially trying to finnish my bachelors degree at the same time while looking after my son!
 Hope you have a great days to come!

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