Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Sister´s Anniversary!!!

Yesterday the 23rd of April was my sister Marimar´s ( Marwa) first year anniversary! I would love to wish her again and again a happy marriage life and may God bless your marriage for ever! Love you and Congratulations Alot!!! We had a wonderful day yesterday with the family having dinner together!!

Your anniversary marks the day
When you both said "I do."
The two of you became as one,
A marriage bright and new.

Now time has passed; your love is strong;
You passed the early test.
Your tender bond grows with passing time;
Your marriage is the kind that’s best!
Happy Anniversary!

Karims House Warming!!!

It was my cousins house warming party last saturday! Thanx cuz for the invite! I had fun!!!

Me n my loving sister Marimar!!

Karim and his friend

Uncle Andrew!!

Tunadeka kwa kaka! - With our loving cousin!!

With Maria and Marianna!!

With family and friends!!!

It was a great party!!!! Couldn´t miss it for a thing!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Todays Menu!!

Chapati with Beef roast!!
Today i will teach you how to make Tanzanian chapatis!! Very Easy!!


2½ cups All purpose Flour
1tsp Salt
3 tblspn Oil
1/4 tsp Sugar if u want
1 cup Water
2 tblspn Butter Gee ( samli)

How to make Chapati:
  1. Take a medium size bowl and put 2 cups of flour, salt and sugar. Mix it together
  2. Add together your oil and butter gee if you have or just half cup of normal oil and heat it till boiling hot.
  3. Mix 2 tblsp of your oil in your dry flour and mix it well.
  4. Then, just from your water tap add 1 cup of warm water to your dough and mix/ knead it well until its soft and firm.
  5. Then roll your dough as one big pizza size or more, depending on the size you want
  6. Spread 1tblsp of oil on top of the pizza shaped dough and spread it thoroughly.( use your fingers its easier)
  7. Roll it and cut it into the sizes you want.
  8. then from those smaller doughs you have cut out , roll one by one and start cooking. Make sure your surface is covered with flour to avoid your dough from sticking.
  9. In a medium heet Put the chapati in the pan and let it be for couple of seconds. If you start seing the bubbles showing on the upper side of your chapati the turn it to the other side.
( example)
 10. Put ½ tblsp oil on top of your chapati and spread it all around, then turn it to the other side and put another ½tblsp oil as before. Wait till both sides have changed some color( brownish gold) then its ready.  Make sure you turn it atleast every 5secs to avoid it from burning!!! 
11. Do the same thing with the rest chapatis but make sure you wipe your pan with the kitchen paper before puting the next chapati. 

 NB: The chapatis will get color according to the amount of oil you put and how long you live it in the heat!!!

I will give you the recepe of the beef roast ( my version) next time!

You can eat your chapatis with honey or stue! How ever you prefer!!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pääsiäinen 2012!!!

Our Easter holiday was great because i was at my inlaws getting together and just having a good time! Kids singing, giving out candies, eating great food, wearing something nice, feeling good..........
I hope you had a great easter and also  my condolences to Steven Kanumba's friends and family!
R.I.P Kanumba!!!

 Going to my inlaws!!

 My day ends at the bonfire! Its a tradition here in Seinäjoki to make a bonfire easter time coz its supposed to be the burning off the witches!!!

Ofcoz i went with the kids!!

Have A Good Weekend!!!