Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Vionnet Summer 2012 Accessories

Vionnet Summer 2012 Accessories - 01  Vionnet Summer 2012 Accessories - 03

 Brass cuff featuring Swarovski flower
Vionnet Summer 2012 Accessories - 02   Vionnet Summer 2012 Accessories - 03
Vionnet Summer 2012 Accessories - 05                     
Heart-shaped bracelet with Swarovski crystal profile

Vionnet Summer 2012 Accessories - 06
Coloured stone necklace set with Swarovski

Vionnet Summer 2012 Accessories - 07
White stone necklace set with Swarovski

Vionnet Summer 2012 Accessories - 10
Necklace incorporating leaf-design and chains of Swarowski crystals

Vionnet Summer 2012 Accessories - 11
Bracelet incorporating leaf design and chains of Swarovski crystals

Vionnet Summer 2012 Accessories - 12
Coloured stone double-string bracelet set with Swarovski crystals

Vionnet Summer 2012 Accessories - 15
White stone earrings set with Swarovski crystals

nowadays and the old days from funny cool stuff!!

Hehehehee sooo trueee!!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012


I was in Prague ( Praha) couple of days ago with my hubby. We were there for 3 days but it was worth it!!
Prague is a beautiful city! It reminded me soo much of Rome! You have to be there to belive me. I was so excited when i got there, everything was new to me! I loved it!!! Even though we walked too much, and climbed a tower at St.Vitus but it was all worth it! The views, buildings, history and everything in general was fantastic. In prague beer and food is quit cheap! Especially the traditional Czech cuisine! If you go to Prague one day, try the traditional food! Its Goood!!!
There are so many places we visited and i am too lazy to mention all the places in the picture below.
I had a great and fantastic trip and its also amizing to be back home!
Here are some pictures ( Quater of the ones i took) loooool!!

Thats near St. Nicolas!

Near Charles Bridge

At the charles bridge

Beef Czech Couisine!! Yam

Astronomical Clock

Hehehe and some seagulls in the night!!

On our way to the castle! Long stairs uufff!!

Hradcanske namesti

St.Vitus!! Beautiful

Silver cotted Nepomuckeho´s coffin at St. Vitus

View on the top of St. Vitus tower

65 metres high!!! Ohhhh

New guard in town!! Looool

Some alchemist lab at the golden lane!!

The Golden lane!! Beautiful

Looool i call this the doll house!!

Toture room in the black tower

I had to buy those sweet bread thingy!! They were goood!!

The pee pee has turned gold coz people touch it alot when they take pictures!! Hehehe

St. Vitus Cathedral

With his beer! Loool

Wow this was just a street! How beautiful

View from our hotel! Directly to the Castle!!

Velvet revolution wall!!

I dont really know about the lock thing...  But they were in many places!!

at kampa island

On our way to see the dancing towers ( Fred and Ginger) Loool

The dancing towers

And they have Sonera too! loooool

Shopping streeet :))))

What a view!!!

Prague by night!!!

I hope you enjoyed! And i made u at least just a wi bit wanna go to prague huh!! loooool